I asked J to say a prayer for me today which is odd. I have not been to church in years. My little pink Bible is collecting dust.

I went back to being agnostic and threw myself into scientific studies. My favorite so far when I have time is astronomy. So when I asked J to pray for me, it was a bit of a surprise for my self.

Today was uneventful. I think I bought enough oatmeal packets to last me almost a month. Leveled up my Sims in their careers while I ponder what will happen with mine. I wonder how work will turn out tomorrow, I’m a wee bit nervous because the past two days I’ve been there our daily deposit has been short 80-100 dollars. I’m not as afraid because I personally had nothing to do with the missing money but of course because I count it, eyes will be on me.


Also, the girl whom I’m filling in for is back in San Diego I believe so I’ll be demoted I bet (which is fine because I’m leaving anyway, remember?) And wait till she finds out her position got cut to 3 hours a day. Ohhh well.