I am sitting here wishing I could have an actual conversation with my cat. I wonder things like how is she feeling, what is she thinking when she looks up at me with her huge amber eyes?

But anyway, I have filled out more applications and getting excited about leaving my current place of employment. A part of me will be sad about having to leave a place where I grew too comfortable to but I am thinking about better opportunities to grow.

I was hoping the college was doing assessment testing today but I guess I will have to do that Monday or Tuesday. In fact, I hate that most places of operation only function Mon-Fri. I hate doing things during the week because my job mentally and physically exhausts me.

I am going to try and enjoy my weekend. My grandmother is visiting for about a month and I am already being driven up the wall 3 days later. I love her but she is very inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. Not to mention the barging in my room, going through my things and wondering my every move. For anyone wondering, I haven’t had a real relationship with any of my grandparents because I live here and they’ve lived on the other side of the US. They rarely visit or send things. I haven’t traveled back East in way over 10 years when I was child. So at the moment, I feel like my space is being invaded and I am cringing inside at the TV blaring (she is hard of hearing. So am I, but there is something about hearing Ancient Aliens blaring that makes me want to stab my ear drums out. Right now it is Jersey Boys)

Gonna wrap this up before I get a lecture AGAIN on my computer/phone usage.